Recent Updates

2/22/2018 - Server Outage

We were offline for all of last night and are continuing to have problems this morning. We are currently working to make sure the failure is resolved as soon as possible.
Version 2.0 changes

All Tours

  • Full Screen Viewing
  • High Resolution Tour option - viewer size is 800x600.
  • Image Thumbnail Gallery
  • Flash VR Support (See our sample tour and click on the Flash VR Example
  • Flash Video Support
  • 4 Transitions to choose from for photo transitions.
  • JPEG panoramas will no longer be clipped when the aspect ratio is too wide.
  • Use the 360 degree image box to allow your panoramas to rotate all the way back to the initial view.

Standard Tours

  • VoiceOver and QuickTime VR files no longer have an extra charge. They are included as a standard option for both tours.
  • The Flash objects no longer need to be clicked to be activated.
  • Background color of tour can now be set.
  • Banner Background and Font Color/Style choices added for Custom Text Tour.
  • Banner Branding Image moved to right edge of banner allowing for complete banner customization (removed for sale sign from custom tour).

Tour Editing

  • Our new website is compatible with Firefox and Safari, in addition to Internet Explorer.
  • We've replaced our upload system with a new flash based uploader. You can upload multiple files at a time by using the Shift and Control keys while selecting the files.
  • The My Tours page no longer displays all of your tours. You can now select to view tours based on their current status.
  • Uploaded files now automatically fill in the Title field with the filename.
  • You can now login to your account from multiple computers simultaneously.
  • Sessions are no longer dependent on a static IP address.

Group Accounts

  • Your group account profile and tours are now available from the My Agents page.
  • Group accounts can now purchase subscriptions for their individual agent accounts directly from their group account.
  • Multiple users can now login to one account at the same time.
  • Branding your tours now requires a subscription.
  • We've added a subscription for domain branding which allows your tours to be displayed using your own domain.
  • We've created a sister site - - which you can use to advertise your services in your area.
  • Control what your users can do when logging in to their accounts individually.
  • The My Agents page is now searchable and can be sorted various ways.