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Recent Updates

7/21/2015 - Server Migration

We have moved our site to new hardware this evening. If you encounter any problems using the site, please contact us at

7/18/2015 - Server Outage

We apologize for the outage today. We believe we have restored the site without any data loss. Please let us know if you have any problems with any of your tours by sending an email to

7/3/2015 - Links are now Free! has dropped all charges for posting virtual tour links. Link all your tours at no additional cost.

11/23/2013 - Server Migration

We have moved our site to new hardware this morning. If you encounter any problems using the site, please contact us at

5/15/2013 - Background Music Fixed in Flash

Adobe has fixed the streaming audio bug in their current release - 11.7.700.202. Unfortunately, they did not bump the revision number (700) which means there is no way for us to test to see if a user has version 202 installed, or the previously bugged version. Fortunately, Flash is set to automatically update for the vast majority of users so most people will now have the updated version. We are disabling our temporary workaround and restoring the tour back to it's previous engine. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know by sending an email to

4/25/2013 - Background Music problems

With Adobe's release of their latest flash player, our premium tour has been experiencing a problem where the background music stops playing after the third image in the tour is displayed. Unfortunately, we have not found a solution to the problem and it appears to be a bug on Adobe's side. We have developed a workaround that plays the background music in a HTML 5 audio element outside of flash. We have deployed the workaround and it will work with all current version browsers. We are still using the old flash music for any viewers who have not updated to the flawed flash player. We are monitoring the releases from Adobe and if this problem is corrected in a future release, we will return to the our previous tour engine at that time. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know by sending an email to

1/28/2013 - Statistics Changes

We made some minor tweaks to our statistics this evening. We filtered out many foreign domains that are most likely not credible tour views. In addition, we limited the number of referring domains displayed to the top 35 to keep the list readable. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know by sending an email to

7/26/2012 - Broker Account Changes

We've made a change to the broker account type this morning. You now have the option to select master broker template on the My Profile > Templates page for each agent in your broker account. This allows you to customize, select, and/or change all of the agent templates in your broker account from one profile (the broker account profile). By selecting this option for each agent, any time the broker account is updated - the change affects all agents with this option selected. The profile attributes inherited from the master broker account are the banner graphics, banner customizations, and page colors.

04/4/2012 - Mobile Tour Released

We're glad to finally release our HTML 5 tour designed to work on all mobile touch devices. This includes iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, Android Phones and Tablets, Windows Phone, BlackBerry phones and tablets, and Palm WebOS phones and tablets. These tours will display by default when a user browses to your normal tour links from one of these devices. Pano2VR panoramas, QuickTime VR panoramas, and Flash Video files are not displayed on our mobile tour. We will be working to provide an option to upload HTML 5 compatible versions of these files to be displayed in our mobile tour. For those of you who use these file types and choose to order a YouTube conversion of your tour, mobile users will be redirected to your YouTube tour as an alternative.

12/29/2011 - Minor Update

Added the ability to put a footer below the tour defined in the user profile. Page and Footer color can now be set for both tours in the Customization page of My Profile.

8/30/2011 - Site Enhancements

Our new site enhancements include:
  • New Upload Control
    • Order your images directly within the upload control, before uploading.
    • Rotate your images before uploading. Full 360 degree rotation in increments of 90 degrees.
    • Crop your images before uploading.
    • Set your titles and descriptions (left blank, the filename is still used for the title).
    • All image types are now uploaded through one control. The server analyzes the uploaded image and determines the best format to convert it to. You can override this by setting the type property within the image properties (Pencil icon).
  • Enhanced server side image processing = better quality images.
  • Fixed the rotation bug with certain image incompatibilities with our previous processor
  • Faster processing times for images.
  • Removed many of the "Completed" pop-ups when submitting tour changes. Replaced with non-obtrusive button updates.
  • Upgraded hardware - our new servers should provide much faster page loads and edits.
As with all updates, if you notice behavior that doesn't match what you're expecting - please let us know by sending an email to

5/5/2010 - iPhone, iPad, and other Smartphone support added via YouTube Conversions.

Our branded tours now default to showing a link to your YouTube tours if the device loading the tour does not support Flash. This makes YouTube video conversions that much more effective in reaching your target audience.

12/30/2009 - Social Networking Button added to all tours

We have added a social networking button provided by This button allows viewers to share a virtual tour with their friends and family in a easy straightforward manner. The button interfaces with common social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

11/12/2009 - New Music Added

We just added 10 new music tracks to our library. Enjoy!

10/1/2009 - YouTube Tour Conversions now available

We have released a new service for customers interested in posting their tours to We are offering a tour conversion for the special introductory price of $15 per conversion (30 tokens). For more information, look for a link on the My Tours page in the Links area under YouTube Link.

8/19/2009 - Personal website update

We made a minor change to the personal website regarding tour order. The order the tours are displayed in is now based on the status. The order is set to:
Open Houses, Reduced, Normal, Sale Pending, Sold.
Within each status, the tours are orderd by the date added (newest first).

6/24/2009 - Website updates

We have released a major update to our service. Here is a list of what has changed.
  • Statistics tracking now shows the percentage of tour views based on type (branded/unbranded/
  • Premium Tour transitions now work with panoramas and photos (JPEG only).
  • Premium Tour JPEG panoramas are now user controllable (click and drag).
  • Premium Tour displays a loading screen during startup.
  • Premium Tour now displays tour status.
  • Premium Tour Full Screen mode now stretches for widescreen monitors.
  • Removed Flash warning message on downloaded Premium Tours.
  • Added new tour status - Offline. Tour will not be displayed when this setting is checked.

6/16/2009 - Premium Tour Updated

We released an update to our premium tour today fixing a problem with long email and web addresses in the agent's profile area. Let us know if you experience any problems with the update at

6/16/2009 - Link Problems Resolved has resolved the issue with link orders getting stuck in a pending state from this weekend. If you still have a listing that was is not showing a link with that should, let us know at
Version 2.0 changes

All Tours

  • Full Screen Viewing
  • High Resolution Tour option - viewer size is 800x600.
  • Image Thumbnail Gallery
  • Flash VR Support (See our sample tour and click on the Flash VR Example
  • Flash Video Support
  • 4 Transitions to choose from for photo transitions.
  • JPEG panoramas will no longer be clipped when the aspect ratio is too wide.
  • Use the 360 degree image box to allow your panoramas to rotate all the way back to the initial view.

Standard Tours

  • VoiceOver and QuickTime VR files no longer have an extra charge. They are included as a standard option for both tours.
  • The Flash objects no longer need to be clicked to be activated.
  • Background color of tour can now be set.
  • Banner Background and Font Color/Style choices added for Custom Text Tour.
  • Banner Branding Image moved to right edge of banner allowing for complete banner customization (removed for sale sign from custom tour).

Tour Editing

  • Our new website is compatible with Firefox and Safari, in addition to Internet Explorer.
  • We've replaced our upload system with a new flash based uploader. You can upload multiple files at a time by using the Shift and Control keys while selecting the files.
  • The My Tours page no longer displays all of your tours. You can now select to view tours based on their current status.
  • Uploaded files now automatically fill in the Title field with the filename.
  • You can now login to your account from multiple computers simultaneously.
  • Sessions are no longer dependent on a static IP address.

Group Accounts

  • Your group account profile and tours are now available from the My Agents page.
  • Group accounts can now purchase subscriptions for their individual agent accounts directly from their group account.
  • Multiple users can now login to one account at the same time.
  • Branding your tours now requires a subscription.
  • We've added a subscription for domain branding which allows your tours to be displayed using your own domain.
  • We've created a sister site - - which you can use to advertise your services in your area.
  • Control what your users can do when logging in to their accounts individually.
  • The My Agents page is now searchable and can be sorted various ways.