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Our mission is to provide a low cost tour hosting alternative for real estate agents who do not require a monthly commitment. In addition, our subscription rates are the lowest in the business - by a good margin. We can accomplish this by providing a self-reliant system for the user. This minimizes our overhead by eliminating the need for a 24 hour phone support system. We still take customer support seriously! We have tutorials on all aspects of tour building, as well as prompt support service for online help. There are no setup fees or any commitment required to join. *There is no software to install. Our system is entirely web based.

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*In order to use certain features of our tours (panoramas, flash vr, flash video), you may need to purchase 3rd party software to create your assets in a supported format. You can read more about software we recommend on our Products Page.

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Sometimes mail servers diagnose our activation email as spam. If you have the ability to check your spam discards, look there to see if our activation email has been flagged. Our emails are sent from the address "support@ubuildtours.com". If you still can't locate our activation email, send an email to our support department at support@uBuildTours.com and we will send out your activation email manually.

Step 1: Which customer type best describes you?
Account Type Account Description
Realtor I'm a Realtor working alone.
Agent Team I represent a team of agents who wish to be presented as a single entity.
Broker I represent an entire office of agents, and I wish to create a broker account that allows me to manage all of my agents from one account.
Photographer I am a photographer / tour builder, and I wish to create a photographer account that allows me to manage all of my customers from one account.
Homeowner I am a homeowner looking to build my own tour.
Non-Real Estate I am interested in creating non real estate tours for one particular entity.
Non-Real Estate Group I am interested in creating non real estate tours for many different customers.
NOTE: Customers who choose account types that do not accurately reflect their business are subject to having their account types changed as per our terms and conditions.